Just Another Manic Monday

Can someone please tell me how I end up in the bathroom extracting slimy hair clogs out of the shower drain when I was just in the middle of whipping up a batch of pico de gallo? Or, how I find myself ankle deep in marsh mud with three dogs chasing mallards all in different directions, when the last thing I remember doing is making the bed and fluffing the pillows? Is this the mind of someone who’s losing it, or is it the mind of someone who has taken multi-tasking to a whole ‘nutha level? I seriously don’t know.

A typical day for me starts around 5:30 am with all three dogs flapping their ears and making not-so-subtle high-pitched whining sounds. They have to go out, and they have to go out NOW! HURRRY MUMMM! All the while they are tripping me every step of the way from bedroom to back door. Honestly, I think there is no way they have to go to the bathroom THAT bad, but they are convinced. So out they shall go!

Ninety-nine out of a hundred of my days start that early. And when I have a day off of work, like I do today, I feel that I MUST do ALL THE THINGS! So today I am cleaning, and writing, and researching, and knitting, and making food, and walking dogs, and apparently…..picking wads of gacky hair balls out of my shower drain. I will spare you the photographic evidence of that activity (will email pics upon request.)

These guys = Pure Mayhem

My knitting project on tap for today? I am planning on casting on another Beneath the Pines shawl. I love, love, love this pattern! I love it so much that I knitted three of them in the period of 14 days – I was seriously binge knitting! I kept two shawls for myself and gifted the other to a friend who is recovering from cancer treatments. Knowing that she is wrapped in warmth and comfort and the love of each stitch I made for her, makes my heart swell. I’m also planning on making two more shawls, one in a speckled black, and one in a robin’s egg blue. ( If you’re interested in purchasing one, message me via my

CONTACT ME page or on Facebook @knitsticksblog. I’m only making two, and it’s first come, first served!)

Creamy and dreamy ~ I love this shawl!

I have been working diligently on a project (that I will post about later this week), while binge-watching a LOT of Netflix. Like, an embarrassing amount of tv consumption is happening in this house. Since signing up for Netflix three months ago I have watched entire complete seasons of The Office, Weeds, Orange is the New Black, Anne With An E, Anne of Green Gables and the available seasons of The Crown and You. AND now I’m onto Little House on the Prairie and Stranger Things. See! Told ya it was an embarrassing amount of mindless tube watching. I only tell you this in hopes for some sort of validation from my fellow crafters…..PLEASE tell me you gobble up tons of crap tv while crafting. PRETTY PLEASE!(?) To my credit though, my house is pretty spotless at any given time, the laundry is always done and we are not starving to death. I manage it all like this: when I get home from work I knock out all my chores as quickly as possible so I can do what I WANT to do. Sitting on my can-can while knitting (and watching Netflix) is my REWARD for getting all my “have to’s” done. In a nutshell, I get all the grownupy junk out of the way so I can do the fun stuff. I hold myself accountable to it and rarely do I let the important-house-running-stuff slide so that I can knit instead. I’ve always felt like I’m somehow cheating the system, but after re-reading what I just wrote, it now just seems more like I am simply being an adult. Man! I am so bummed! Here I actually thought I invented “how to do stuff”, but as it turns out – I am just being a responsible person (and someone already invented being THAT). I sure hope this realization hasn’t just zapped me of the buzz I get from being “Super Me”. Uhg.

Well now that I burst my own bubble, I guess I’m off to try to enjoy the rest of my Monday!  There’s plenty of it left and I’m curious to see where I end up 🙂

*For the record, I didn’t wander off and do ANYTHING else while writing this. Progress!

Maryland, my Maryland! Oh how I miss thee!

6 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Really, there is no such thing as an embarrassing amount of Netflix. When you can add Neon, Lightbox and Prime (another three streaming services) to the mix then perhaps that could be said…haha Neon and Lightbox are our local ones and each has a specific series that I want to watch and there is always something else to binge on as well. I finished Outlander and Season 5 has just started. Yay! Our Netflix has different options on it to what you have, as does Prime. Jxx 🙂


  2. You are an adultier adult than me, I totally let the house stuff slide so I can knit more! And yes, I binge Netflix while doing it. Just started rewatching the reboot of Doctor Who from the first season because I’m already watched all the new things that were on my list…

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    1. In this one regard I may be pretty adulty, but in most other areas of my life I am a two year old child with dirt and snot all over her face running around without any shoes on. #hotmess
      I may check out Doctor Who – thanks for the idea!

      Liked by 1 person

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