Snowbird Cardi~10 Years in the Making

About 10 years ago I purchased a cardigan pattern off of Ravelry called Snowbird written by Heidi Kirrmaier.  Snowbird is just a lovely, long, flowing cardigan that truly has my name written ALL over it.  In all the time that’s passed since I purchased the pattern, I never really could bring myself to pull the trigger on purchasing the large amounts of yarn it would take to complete the project.  I don’t know what my hold up was.  I have since easily spent thousands of dollars on yarn, but I still didn’t have my cardigan done, or even started it for that matter. 

So, recently I decided to pull the trigger.  I purchased enough yarn (I pray) to complete this beeeYOOT of a sweater, and I’m proud to say I finally casted on! Woohooooo!


Look how squishy I am!

The only other time I took on such a large project is when I knitted the Vino Cardigan by Laura Chau, (also on Ravelry). That one I gifted away, and I’m pretty sure it remains in the back of that persons closet to this day….and to be honest, maybe that is where it should stay.  I used Vanna’s Choice yarn, and it was already pilling up on me even while knitting, so I’m sure it looks a hot mess by now.   I was still a beginner knitter at the time that I took on the Vino Cardi, but it is a pretty simple pattern and I had no problems knitting the sweater in sections and stitching them together afterward.  The Snowbird pattern, on the other hand, is a totally different bird (yeah, I said that).  It is knit in one piece from the top down, which has provided me with all sorts of headaches and confusion.  I have had such a difficult time mapping out in my mind how the increases and seaming will end up coming together to make any kind of wearable garment…let alone something that I can actually be proud to wear….that won’t end up looking like someone barfed up a bunch of yarn all over my body.  I’ve googled the pattern nearly to death and with all the stunning photos I’m finding from the knitting community, I’m really hopeful that mine won’t turn into the dreaded barf sweater of my nightmares.

The yarn I’ve chosen is called Swish in Dove Heather, purchased on line via Knit Picks.  Swish is a worsted weight yarn that is slightly uneven and unpredictable, which coincidentally, precisely describes me, so I think I made the perfect choice!  I have MAAANNNY man hours into it already, and if I’m correct, I think I’ve only just come over the shoulders to begin constructing the arms. I have no measure of how long it will take me to complete, but I really REALLY want to wear it this winter.  Maybe if I break my number one rule of Housework First/Knitting Second and live in squalor until it’s done, and eat all my dinners out of a can standing over the kitchen sink, it will make it’s day view winter 2020? I think I would be ok with that(?) I mean….I reeeeaaallly want to wear it soon! So, this weekend I am onto the arms ~ there is light at the end of the yarn tunnel!

Does it look like a barf sweater to you?
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