Knitting All the THINGS! (and Cooking…& Dogging…..)

I’ve been knitting for about 12 years now.  I’m self-taught and growing slowly but steadily in the direction of my dreams, which is to become someone who makes everything she owns- tops, skirts, suits, all the accessories & home furnishings…. and obviously, sweaters for my dogs.  Truth is, I don’t want to do much else but knit (and write about knitting).  And here of late I’ve had this tingle inside me.  It’s this new-found courage and confidence to do what I never thought I could do before and that is to DESIGN PATTERNS.  *gasp*

Only recently have I begun to look at patterns and REALLY get it.  I’ve always just read them, and taken menial pride in my ability to follow directions.  I’m only coming to realize that that’s not all there is to it.  Reading a pattern and truly understanding the foundation that is being laid IS the mark of a really good knitter, and it’s the key to creating designs of one’s own.  This simple concept, probably obvious to EVERY other knitter in the universe from day one of picking up their needles, took me 12 and half years to get….but I get it now!  And I’m ready to *DO* something with it!  If I don’t let my nerves render me paralyzed.  I do that sometimes…

I am thinking about designing a shawl pattern (of course!)  I have in my mind the basic shape, how the edges will look and finishing, but have yet to settle on a pattern that really speaks to me.  I am thinking lace or eyelets of some sort….oh the options!!!  Having laser focus would be great at this point in my life…. It’s just so exciting that I can feel this buzzing in my brain and it’s ALL because it’s trying to formulate a yarn baby!  Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!

In food news:  I’m still going strong. I made an amazing pot of vegan soup last week called “Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup” (out of the Karma Chow Cookbook…..yet again….I know!).  Named because you throw everything BUT the kitchen sink in it. I seasoned mine with cumin, cayenne pepper, dill, marjoram and S&P.  You can use what you like, but that combination was perfect for me, and was close to what the recipe suggested.  I made about a 6 quart pot, but I had more veggies than liquid, so I’ve been adjusting the seasonings and adding water to it as we go to make it last longer.  My choice of veggies: onions, garlic, shallots, celery, canned diced tomatoes, carrots, leeks, red potatoes, zucchini, brussel sprouts and mushrooms. De-Lish! 

Cooking for two is just so easy to do.  Especially for me, when my husband will eat ANYTHING I make.  He is not a 100% plant-based eater all the time, but he is when he’s is eating anything out of our kitchen.  He will tell you himself, he is continually blown away by the flavors and deliciousness that he gets to eat nowadays.  I have become much more creative and adventurous in the kitchen since becoming vegan, and I just have so much more fun now!  I ALWAYS make enough for several meals though, because you know, I do work, and I don’t have the time I’d like to be all foody-makey during the work week.  But look out on the weekends, cuz IT’S ON!

In yarn news:  I threw my Snowbird Cardigan down for a minute to bang out a quick crescent shawl.  Shawls are things that make me very, very happy.  I was totally inspired to start making them while binge watching Anne With an E and Little House on the Prairie.  I thought “These ladies are brilliant!  They are walking around with BLANKIES over their shoulders and No. One. even seems to care.”  So,  I thought I’d give it a go in the year 2020, where, to be honest, I have never once seen anyone wearing a shawl.  Anywhere.  Ever.  Soooooo, I have been wearing them everywhere I go for the past month or so – even to work!  I noticed a glance once, and someone actually commented that she liked my shawl.  It’s like I’m invisible or something. (My lifelong invisibility cloak could be an entire blog post all unto itself!) 

Back to this shawl, the yarn brand is Premier in Puzzle, bulky #5.  I picked it up on impulse at Walmart.  It was 328 yards for just under $6.  It is just not the nicest, but it’s acrylic, so you know, ya get what ya get.  The only reason I picked it up was because I thought the colors were really sweet together.  It’s kind of fluffy, but it’s not as soft as I’d like.  I really hope that a wash with vinegar will do the trick.  Fingers crossed!

Creamy, dreamy colors!

Dog news:  Everyone is going cabin crazy because all it does is rain these days and the trails on our property are flooded…they’ve been flooded for over a month now, close to 6 weeks.  We packed the dogs up and took them down to Northampton County to visit Savage Neck Dunes so they could hike trails that weren’t soggy, play on the beach, and just be outside for a while.  They had a blast!  Lola rolled in seaweed on the beach for an hour straight, while Bear dipped his toes into the Chesapeake Bay. Darwin monitored all of their activity from the sidelines, barking all the while.  Always an adventure with these three knuckleheads. I love them so much!

Darwin looking disapprovingly over his shoulder at Bear. He’s the Fun Moderator of the pack.
Again, Darwin sitting on the sidelines giving the other two heck.
MY PACK *swoon*

It is a little cool today but not cold, so I decided to be brave and open up to the screen door for some fresh air.  We have a pond immediately next to our house, that is literally only a few feet from our driveway.  It is home to mallards and Canada geese these days…..and surrounded by tree frogs.  Those little green babies have been hollering their song of love for a couple weeks now.  It’s a sound that gives me the feels deep down inside. They are flooding the inside of my house with their song – Love! As I write this, the geese are honking like nuts and one just flew over my door!  I thought he was gonna come on in!  The honking was so loud in here!  Nature is so fun! And apparently, I can get a load of it sitting at my dining room table – talk about blessings!

2 thoughts on “Knitting All the THINGS! (and Cooking…& Dogging…..)

  1. Thank you for your life-sharing post. I like to call my soups Refrigerator soups, at least I do when it’s just before a big shop and I have to clear out the crisper drawers in the fridge ready for some fresher stuff. It usually works out, with only the occasional blah result.
    We’re having a pretty mild February in the southern BC interior. I haven’t seen any sign of new growth yet though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nicola! Yes, refrigerator soups is one we use too. My friend calls my soup “garbage soup”, not because it TASTES like garbage, but because if I didn’t throw all that stuff in the soup, it was GOING IN THE GARBAGE 🙂 We have not had much of a winter to even speak of……2 inches all winter. We still have house flies that duck in when you open the door – makes me crazy! Daffodils were blooming in December. Poor Mother Nature is so lost.


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