In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul.

Unknown by me (if YOU know, please share!)

Combining my love of KNITTING and LIFE ~ A Blog is Born!

My name is April.  I’m a 40-something working woman, wife and long-distance mother to two grown sons.  I enjoy hiking with my dogs, and making creative & healthy meals for my friends and family.

And then there’s KNITTING.  I am an autodidact…..of sorts.  If you can discount all the countless hours of perusing YouTube knit vids (thank you Cat Bordhi, Vickie Howell and the HUNDREDS of men and women who have posted helpful vids), and the borrowing of ALL the knitting books in the library, then yes, I am self-taught.  I started with knitting scarves, hats & blankets, and have since made dozens of toys, gloves, sweaters, plarn bags and  much, much more.  I consider myself an intermediate knitter, who still has a lot to learn.  Which is what lands me in this space….I am here to share my journey of writing, knitting, fooding (eating), exploring, dogging, loving & learning with anyone who chooses to stop by.  I hope you enjoy!

Lets cast on!